I got SCAMMED from a website, they have your R3 Certificate

I got scammed of around $320 USDT ( 100,000 PKR ) from a website which has your R3 SSL certificate, they lock my account and asking me to pay 600$ more to unlock the account and saying I wont be able to unlock the account until I deposit 600$ to my account ( of which they have access because they are the Website owner ).
I am attaching the proofs of them asking for money and the account locked by them ( login failed ).
We had a Conversation on Telegram.
I have all the Proofs and all the conversation which we had.

Sorry to hear you got scammed, but please see the following FAQ entry and the linked blog post:

Also: the certificate and secure connection simply only means the connection to the scammer was secure, i.e.: only you and the scammer can see the data send between you and the scammer and nobody else could listen in. TLS certificates do NOT claim anything about the contents of the site itself.


isn't there anything you can do to recover the amount.
It was really hard earned money and valuable in these hard time.

Not on this forum, I suggest looking at the links others have posted to look for different avenues of answers.

Sorry. :disappointed:


@sy3dabdullah here is another link to a previous case Report a website for abuse to revoke their certificate, it might have a few different pointers to assist you with attempting to resolve your issue.


Let's Encrypt only issues TLS certificates, it does not host the site.


If you believe you've been scammed you should contact your local authorities and bank


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