I can't use quic http/3 visit site when using x2 ecc cert

i can't use quic http/3 visit site when using x2 ecc cert.

test site: https://xiaoyu.net

Works for me in Firefox stable and according to https://http3check.net as well.


i using chrome visit show is http/2, no via QUIC connect.

Why are you sure it's related to the X3 ECC root cert?


because when i use x1 cert, then chrome show via QUIC connect site.

Rudy, E1 is signed by X2, so that's all as it suppose to be.


Chrome has a tendency to race H2/H3 protocols and may remember past succesful protocols.

I just tried out your site in Chrome and the very first connection was indeed made via HTTP/2, but on subsequent requests and/or page reloads my Chrome v105 switched to HTTP/3 and seemed to remember this on subsequent visits.

(In addition to that, Chrome may also need to discover HTTP/3 via an Alt-Svc header first, which is requested via HTTP/2. You do send that header, but initial requests being over HTTP/2 is often expected for H3)

I do not see any certificate-related issue here.


Can you test to see if you can connect the website via QUIC?

The result of my test is that when using the x1 certificate, chrome shows that the website is connected through QUIC. But when using the x2 certificate, it does not show that the website is connected through QUIC

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