I can't create certificate with cloudflare

Hi, here's my setup :
I have a nextcloudpi on a Rpi Zero and a bitwarden server on another Rpi Zero.
I did forward ports 80 & 443 to my Nextcloudpi Rpi
I bought a domain mydomain.com with OVH, and I went to cloudflare to setup Cloudflare Proxy.
I changed DNS servers on OVH as asked by Cloudflare.
I created a subdomain with cloudflare named nextcloud.mydomain.com and I forwarded it to my home public IP. I am going to NextcloudPi config and I do that choice :
ncp-config > letsencrypt >
ACTIVE : yes
DOMAIN: nextcloud.mydomain.ovh
EMAIL : myemail@mail.com

When I type start I have these error
Domain : nextcloud.mydomain.ovh
Type: unauthorized
and further I have some html things, and further again I have :
To fix these errors, please make sure that your domain name was

  • entered correctly and the DNS A/AAAA record(s) for that domain*
  • contain(s) the right IP address.*
    I am really lost, I prefer to say this is the first time I create a certificate, I'm really new to this. Th anks in advance for your time

if it's foe cloudflare just use its origin certificate. your cert won't seen by anyone other then cloudflare


But how can I redirect Cloudflare to my Nextcloud then ?

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