HTTPS improperly configured for iOS 11.0.2

hi guys, i installed certificate on my website, all working fine except on my iphone the page not load with HTTPS, only with HTTP, my site is: (working on iphone but without css) (not work on ios)

i test output ssl lab:

thank y’all
ios 11.0.2

Olá @hdelima,

Your certificate is from the cPanel certificate authority, not from Let’s Encrypt. Have you ever had a Let’s Encrypt certificate? There is none visible at

which means that have never had one from Let’s Encrypt, unless you obtained it within the last hour or so.

It seems the site scripts are unaware of iOS version 11.0.2 and supply it a back-1 so that it shows the previous page.

thank you for reply, do they have anything to do with the ssl certificate?

wired, I think so I’ll check thank you for reply

no, the certificate is good.

its possible the redirect occur only over HTTPS? cause HTTP the page open normal, I have no idea what happen =/

as you are not using a Let’s Encrypt certificate it’s unfair to post for help on this forum.

Most people here are volunteers and as such answering questions about generic web problems is not fair play.

I would suggest you contact cPanel about this issue as:

A) You are using their certificate and plugin
B) it’s most likely a cPanel related issue


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