Certificate not loading in IOS

Hi, I have my website (https://www.squareprofit.net) the SSL is working fine on all platforms & devices but it's not working on any IOS device.

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Works fine on my iPhone (iOS 14.3).

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let the page load completely & then check ! WhatsApp Image 2021-03-09 at 1.14.46 PM|230x500

Ah, so the page is loading. I suppose you mean the mixed-content warning.

This is because your page HTML loads insecure resources (using http:// rather than https://). Browsers display a warning because it can subvert the privacy of visitors. The following resources will help you fix it:

For what it's worth, my desktop Firefox shows the same warning for your site - it's not just iOS.


thannk you soo much - it solved my issue I used a pugin for changing mixed content

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