Https:// No access

Hello Everyone I hope you can help me I am using Win-acme to generate my SSL certificate, but the Let's Encript endpoints will appear without access

The server has internet

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Hi @dmunoz

acme-v01 is deprecated. Update to acme-v02.

  1. The server only listens over https, ensure that you're testing
  2. The ACME v1 API is going away very soon; ensure that you've upgraded to the latest version of your client, which should be using instead.

Try with

But I get the same result

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Are you having trouble from within your ACME client as well? Can you connect to other web sites?

How about from PowerShell running

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri ""

In any event, if your computer can't connect to the server, you need to figure out what's blocking it. I can get to their API fine, and they're not reporting any outages.

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Then your internet connection is buggy. Fix it.


Looking on their website, win-acme has been updated to support ACMEv2. You really should update it, ACMEv1 will be permanently disabled in 80 days.

As others have said, It also looks like you have a problem with your internet connection


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