How to use Certbot when you can't use snaps

@bmw Thank you for your work on certbot!

Unfortunately I cannot use snap on my VPS because the FUSE module is not supported on my VPN (OpenVZ 7).

What is the recommended way to install certbot?

I tried with apt but it’s a very old version (certbot 0.27.0 vs 1.7.0 that one gets with snap) and I used the ppa which gives me certbot 0.31.0. Installing certificates with certbot 0.31.0 and sudo certbot renew --dry-run all went well. But is this old versions secure?

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@jazzper, that’s unfortunate about FUSE being unsupported on your system. One option for you would be to talk to your provider about offering it or switching to one that does.

Absent of that though, I would say the OS packages are your best option right now. While they are unable to do things like configure your server to use the latest and greatest TLS configuration, we and our package maintainers spend a lot of time ensuring that those packages continue to work properly in the most basic sense.

In the future, I hope to essentially provide instructions for installing Certbot from source for people who cannot use snaps. This will be much more cumbersome and error prone, but it in theory should allow users on almost any system to get the latest version of Certbot if they’re willing to put in the work. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet though.


Ok thanks! I will use the OS package manager then.


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