How to renew SSL certificate

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Yes, cPanel, vers 70.0 build 69
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Recently I received a notice that my SSL certificate will expire in 19 days and I do not know how to renew it. Originally I added a plugin, Really Simple SSL which provided the certificate.


You might need to search around and see if there's anything like AutoSSL on your cPanel dashboard.
If so, you should use that to get certificate for your site.

If you don't have that option, you can try to see if @griffin's plugin is ready to use, or use with SSH to get one automatically.

For, you need to have SSH (Shell access) to the server. I found a guide online for a similar host, which can be used as an example. How to install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on a shared server using • Sito.Express


I see that plugin has quite a hefty price tag on it.. I can understand you're not using that any longer. Or is there also a free version? If there is, the original plugin should be able to renew too.

As @stevenzhu already noticed, many cPanels have AutoSSL enabled. If not, you might be able to enable it if I'm reading the following documentation correctly: The Let's Encrypt™ Plugin | cPanel & WHM Documentation However, you say you have version 70 of cPanel.. This page mentions versions 82 and newer, so it might not work.

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I followed the link to "How to install a Let's ..." and it worked flawlessly until the final step where I tried to install the SSL certificate:

My webhost does not provide WHM. Is there a workaround to this?

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If your hosting provider doesn't offer any method for you to install your certificate, all is lost. Maybe you could contact Site5 with your issue; perhaps they can help somehow.

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They do, if I want to upgrade my account for several hundred dollars. Then I will get access to WHM. Otherwise they will install the free certificate for me, but I want it to happen automatically via cron, not every 90 days.
Since the hosting company changed hands to Site5 the service and services are awful. I know of many different hosting companies. Care to share your favorite(s)?

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I'm self-hosting, so no experience with hosting providers myself, but the certbot page keeps a list of hosting providers with information about if and how they offer Let's Encrypt certificates:

Obviously hosting providers with "Full support" would be ideal, but "Partial support" is a good second best: at least they offer LE certs! Providers with "No support" should be ignored obviously.

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Thank you so much for the link. As expected, of the few sites which offer "No Support", site5 has the dubious distinction!

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