How to removed the mixed content error

My domain is:

When i checked in

Its showing as correctly listed. But is not http secured.
Now when the site loads the alignment is break down. When i click inspect and search in console loads of mixed content error is there. How can i correct this. Plz help

You need fixing your HTML / CSS / JS code errors, ie. via code template or plugin depending on your CMS. If you using WordPress as I can see externally, you should fix installing this:

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Hi Salcap,
As per your comment, i have installed ssl insecure content fixer .Once installed and activated, in the setting i choose capture all -level for fixing and saved it. Still im having the same issue. Is there anything else i can do.?

Clean cache server / client side.
Clean up your browser for best checking.

If still same issue, try to change/fix theme manually (ie. hardcoded HTTP:// links inside your markup)

Hi @lash2478

you have 69 mixed content warnings. Looks like you have a lot of hard coded links.

So you have to change them manual.

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