How to re-use an existing account key?

How can an existing account key be reused for certbot certonly at another setup? All I can see is the account itself under /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/, but how can I use that account on another machine/setup? Do I simply copy the contents over? Can I explicitely select an account?

I’m currently rate-limited due to too many account registrations from one IP in a containerized environment and would therefore like to re-use an existing account key to prevent further downtime.

Your question, and lead in, should be based around:

not your proposed solution to that problem:

Hi @stschindler,

If you copy /etc/letsencrypt/accounts, Certbot should be able to reuse the account key. Please make sure you're aware of the other rate limits too:

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I moved a web app from one node to another node. Things didn’t work as expected, so the proxy container had to do more requests to LE than expected. The old certificates weren’t transferred. I was well aware of the failure request limit, but not the account IP registration limit.

Although I understand that there’s a rate limit, I find 3 hours to be too long. We ended up purchasing an SSL certificate to solve the issue quickly. Before we did it, I hoped to be able to fetch a new certificate when I reuse an account key from another node, and that’s why my question was indeed about that.

Thank you, I will try that. Do you know what happens when there are multiple account keys present? I didn’t find a way for specifying which one to use.

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