How to use existing account with Certbot?

I have Let’s Encrypt accounts created with other software, and now I want to use one of them with Certbot.

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Certbot doesn’t have functionality to do this out of the box.

What you might be able to do is allow Certbot to register an account, and then replace the private_key.json file (which is just the canonical JWK JSON representation of your account private key) and update the account URI in regr.json.

If your existing account key is in PEM format, it’s possible to convert it into the JWK JSON format as required.

It should then begin using your account instead.

I should add that if you can, it would just be easier to use a new account. It’s no big deal to have multiple accounts. Some valid reasons where you must use the same account are:

  • You have been given a rate limit exemption against your ACME account by Let’s Encrypt, or
  • You intend to use the accounturi CAA mechanism and would have too many CAA records

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