Move an account from one client to another?

I have an ECDSA-allowlisted account.

Let's say I currently use it with on a server. How would I go about using the same account with Certbot or Caddy?

When I've had to do this, I created an account normally on the second ACME client and then substituted the contents afterwards.

It's mainly about copying the private key over. Some clients also locally store and retrieve the account ID and other metadata, so you might have to substitute that as well.

The private key format will vary. Some clients store it as a JWK JSON file, others as traditional PEM/DER private keys. You can freely convert between e.g.'s account.key and Certbot's private_key.json.

Edit: to be clear, you'll need to use a program to do the conversion between e.g. PEM↔JWK.


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