Switch to a new client, don't keep account key?

I currently have a letsencrypt cert from the official client for my domain. For a variety of reasons, I’m considering changing to use letsencrypt.sh for future renewals. It does provide a facility to import the account private key, but the directory structure is different enough that it’d be simpler to just start over.

This leads to the question: If I’ve created a certificate for a domain using one account on the CA, will it cause any problems if I later try to create a certificate for the same domain using a different CA account? I think the question is related to What happens if you don’t back-up account info?, but not quite the same.

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It shouldn’t cause any problems, no.

I’d keep a copy of the existing account key until the current certificates expires, just in case you wanted to revoke it for some reason.

Great, that’s what I was hoping. Thanks!

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