How to Install Let's Encrypt

I've seen tutorials where they use domain.enable-https lets-encrypt and others using apt install python-certbot-apache to install Let'sEncrypt with an Apache server on debian.
I am confused, what is the difference? Which is best?

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Those appear to be NextCloud-specific instructions.

These are more generic instructions, which can apply to a broad variety of situations. For Certbot, it's better to follow the official instructions at, as they will be up to date. Sometimes third party tutorials become outdated.

As a rule of thumb, if a software package (like NextCloud) provides specific instructions to use Let's Encrypt, then it's usually better to follow those.


Thanks for your answer.
I did not find any info on the nextcloud official doc regarding this let's encrypt command. Hardening and security guidance — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

If you have some documentation, I would much appreciate it.

Why would you expect us to have documentation to support some random guide you found? Where did you find the tutorial that said to use domain.enable-https lets-encrypt? Google doesn't find any pages containing that exact text. Is that guide recent, and does it otherwise apply to your situation? If so, it's reasonable to follow it. But it isn't a standard invocation for a common ACME client.

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I will at least tell you, use neither.

What OS are you using?

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