How to have auto renewals for Let's Encrypt Certificates on XAMPP

My domain in The site is hosted using XAMPP on Windows 10. I heard that Let’s Encrypt will shorten the life (Which is already short: 90 days) of its SSL Certificates, as said by Mr Josh, on another community thread. According to me, 90 days is good, as I get my certificates using ZeroSSL Let’s Encrypt Online Client and then download the certificate on my server and replace it (Manual renewal in short). If Let’s Encrypt shortens the life to a drastic extent (like one week or lesser), even interacting with online clients would be a pain every week. So I wanted to get an answer that, would SSL lifespan be this short in newer APIs? If yes, is there a solution for auto renewals specifically for XAMPP on windows? Expecting an answer as soon as possible. I urge Let’s encrypt not to shorten the lifespan less than 30 days for unprofessionals like us who cant buy an ssl thus using Let’s Encrypt for years. And I love using it!

Hi @theaaradhyachauhan

where did you read that? I have no information.

Check the list of windows clients:

Or check that reply:

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Its really nice of you to offer such a great help to me (especially for that XAMPP solution, which I couldn’t find anywhere else).
But please refer to the above screenshot what Mr Josh said about shortening the validity of the certs. Is that sure to happen? I think 90 days is good enough. Anything less than 30 days validity would be annoying, dont you think the same? :slight_smile:

The new API endpoint is active - startet 2018-03-~~, ACME-v2.

With the same 90 days.


What is the lifetime for Let’s Encrypt certificates? For how long are they valid?

Our certificates are valid for 90 days. You can read about why here.

There is no way to adjust this, there are no exceptions. We recommend automatically renewing your certificates every 60 days.

Thank You very much Sir! It was a pleasure to get you to resolve my issues. I’m really grateful to the community for being so supportive… and that adds a point why I love Let’s Encrypt, not only the certs, but everything!! I’m glad that 90 days validity is still intact and even happier to get a solution for XAMPP. Thank you very much sir once again!

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I believe that ISRG would still be interested in reducing certificate lifetime below 90 days in the future, but just as @JuergenAuer said, the ACMEv2 service is the current version of the Let’s Encrypt service, and it maintained the 90 day lifetime from the older ACMEv1 service (differently from what was predicted by the announcement you quoted).

So there’s no current prediction or announcement for any certificate lifetime reduction below 90 days. I expect that if one is announced in the future, it would likely have a significant delay in order to give subscribers lots of time to prepare for the change.

It’s helpful to Let’s Encrypt to get as many subscribers as possible using fully-automated solutions in order to create more flexibility for the CA service to make changes (and have fewer problems related to manual renewals). That means that software developers writing convenient, automated Let’s Encrypt integrations for more services and software are doing something really valuable.

If you want to know about technical and policy changes that could affect your use of Let’s Encrypt services, you could consider subscribing to the API Announcements category on this forum.

It contains official announcements from Let’s Encrypt; so far there have only been 40 messages in three years, or an average of about one per month.

I am not able to set up win acme for my windows 10 server please help me. It gives .net issues and when i try to install latest .net version from microsoft it says operating system not supported and does not meet minimum requirements. When i wacs.exe config file to a yet older version than defaults specified, it starts but stops responding

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