How to get letsencrypt to work with docker

I am trying to get a docker repository working with letsencrypt and followed the docker docs on setting up the config file for it’s canned letsencrypt support. After I got it done, when testing I keep getting errors when it tries to challenge and generate the certificate. Ports are open (443) and the net has connectivity with no proxys.

2018/10/23 16:25:57 [INFO][] acme: Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2018/10/23 16:25:57 [INFO][] acme: Could not find solver for: tls-alpn-01
2018/10/23 16:25:57 [INFO][] acme: Could not find solver for: dns-01
2018/10/23 16:25:57 [INFO][] acme: Could not find solver for: http-01

It appears that the docker repository image is out of date with the current letsencrypt which no longer supports tls-alpn-01 etc and I have found no more up to date info on how to make it work. Only out of date blogs that have solutions of various sorts that fail.

It seems the “right” way to do this is having a certbot managing docker image container that initializes, and then auto-renews/maintains the certs, and writes it’s certs to a persistent volume that the other containers reference.

Is there an “official” docker image for this? Is there a best most supported and widely used one that really works?

Thanks - just trying to get the repository server, and maybe a web server to work :slight_smile: Once it does I promise a donation to letsencrypt !!

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