Letsencrypt inside docker container using non standard port


my letsencrypt is installed on a nginx server running on non standard port, example 9080.
therefore, will like to know any support for this?

this is my ini file. any variable setting available to do this?

rsa-key-size = 2048
server = https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory
text = True
agree-tos = True
verbose = True
authenticator = webroot
email = admin@example.com
domains = host.example.com
webroot-path = /var/www/html


letsencrypt will only verify a domain on port 80 or 443 - so it needs to respond on one of those two ports. You can then use the certificate on a different port ( for example 9080).

The only alternative is to use a DNS challenge, which needs no connection to your domain, just to the DNS. A number of alternate clients support this (for example all the bash ones).


ok, dns is going make things more complicated. not worth the effort.
will stick with letsencrypt on acme.sh

hmmm… tested both working and seem the same to me in terms of command option. except acme seem much cleaner. not sure the difference between them…


yeah i just switched from official letsencrypt client to acme.sh as well :slight_smile: