How to generate ssl ca using certbot and automate renewal

Can someone share the command to generate SSL ca using certbot.

Hosting provider: namecheap

I have installed certbot using brew install certbot

I have found a command on youtube that generate the ca but I am assuming it does not automate the renewal.
" sudo certbot certonly --manual -d [] --agree-tos --manual-public-ip-logging-ok --preferred-challenges http-01 --server --register-unsafely-without-email --rsa-key-size 4096"

If needed do share command for the cronjob

certbot can't generate a CA certificate.

Do you need a CA certificate or a valid certificate from a CA?
If the latter, you want to avoid using anything that can't be automated:


@rg305 Can you elaborate. Also what is the best way to get SSL certificate? Can you give commands?

I just want to get letsencrypt SSL certificate for my website.

There are many ways.
The best is any way that can be automated.
Using --manual defeats that goal.

Commands are unique to each circumstance.
Can the Internet reach your server via HTTP?
Do you require a regular cert or a wildcard cert?


@rg305 I am using namecheap web hosting for my server. and I need regular cert for static sites.

What is the FQDN?
I think you already maxed out the "project" name [for this week].


Yes, But I will be using letsencrypt now on other websites too

I recomend using the staging environment for all testing.

That said, I think you must of used a working command to get the certs for "project".
This would be a similar command - but with this name and webroot path [if that was used].

What was the command used to get a cert for "project"?


@rg305 for that I used command --issue -d [ ]( -d []( -w /home/username/

But the cert was not valid. I contact the customer support and their response was same for the cert.

then I tried the certbot to get cert and it worked on other subdomain but the command I used does not automate the renewal.

I think the certs were valid.
The problem was with cPanel not being able to serve your subdomain and cert correctly.

That is highly unlikely - sets up a cron job to renew on install.

Please show: --list


I have removed the cert from cpanel

I asked nothing from cPanel.


also uninstalled the

Then how are you going to get new certs?


Can you share the best way to get SSL cert with commands.

Step #1 [from where you are] is to get an ACME client
[ I don't see anything wrong with using - it obviously was able to issue certs on that system ]


Did you remove the directory?


Yes, I removed the directory


Okay let me try for another sub domain of mine and get back to you

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