How to disable account without configuration

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I had a mail server ( that encrypted SSL using a letsencrypt certificate. Unfortunately, this server had to move and I set up a new mail server ( This new mail server works without any problems, and renewing the certificate also works without any problems. Today I received the expiry email from the expiry bot for the old mail server. Unfortunately I no longer have the Letsencrypt configuration of the old server. How can I terminate the old letsencrypt registration without knowing the account?

Kind regards Leuron

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You can't, as all account updates including deactivation would require the private key of said account. Without the private key to sign the requests, it won't be possible to modify anything.

That said, the expiry bot will just email twice and after that, no emails should be send. The old account will get disabled eventually once Let's Encrypt decides to do some kind of "disable old and unused accounts" run. Not sure if something like that is done regularly though. It's no problem if the old account doesn't get disabled.. Without the private key, nobody can do anything with it anyway.


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