How to create 2 SSL certificates on 2 domains with 2 dedicated IP's

I have been searching for hours on how do to what the title says. I need to know how to issue 2 SSL certificates to 2 domains each domain has its own dedicated IP. 1 certificate to each domain.

Server: Apache2

If you need more information, just ask what you need.

Hi @ExZiByte,

Are these two domains hosted on the same server? Do they have existing virtual hosts that listen for HTTP (but not HTTPS) connections?

Have you considered (or tried using) our client Certbot?

You could run commands like

certbot --apache -d -d

certbot --apache -d -d

I ran the command that you gave but now the https version of the site for the secondary domain is pointing to the primary domain’s website files

Was one of your virtual hosts using the system default virtual host rather than a custom virtual host for that individual domain?

Both vHosts are in the 000-default.conf. Should I have created 2 seperate host files?

This is necessary for older versions of Certbot. (Which version are you using?)

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