How to change primary domain?

Hello. I am a newbie. I am testing a new vps sever without aministration panel. I have created several virtualhost in Apache with differents domains, and I have installed Lets Encrypt by running certbot. However, it taken my test domain as “primary”, and now I want to change this for another most important for me. How do I this change?

Besides of this, I have another basic questions:

-How to delete certificate for expired or migrate domains another server?
-How to verify the status certificate for one domain?
-How to setup https (SSL), over IP?



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use certbot delete (for certbot) ./certbot-auto delete (for certbot auto)

Check on your browser
openssl s_client -connect (your_domain:443) -servername (your_domain)

Depend on your webserver software

Thank you

Thanks. I have completed the form.
In relation to my first question, how do I change the base domain assigned with certifacated by other?

Hi @skizo

you don't need to change the base domain. Instead, create a new certificate with the new domain name.

You can use a lot of domains (the same server) with a lot of certificates.

Certificates are only 90 days active. So you can ignore a certificate, if the domain is expired.

What is a "status certificate"?

Public certificates from letsencrypt are only possible if you have domain names.

This is a bit confusing. If I create a new certificate, for a new domain, then what happens to the other old domains associated with the first domain, if it disappears? I'm not sure how this all changes. Perhaps the best thing is to erase everything and start over from the beginning.

I was referring to checking the time remaining until it expires

Ok. I understand. Then, certificates are ony valids for domains, not IPs

The certificate is a file which is digitally signed by the certificate authority. It lists names that it applies to. A single Let's Encrypt certificate can apply to up to 100 names (which don't have to be related to one another in any way, as long as you control all of them).

Using Certbot, you can either replace old certificates by issuing updated versions that cover a different set of names, or you can issue new certificates that are managed separately. You can also view the current certificates managed by Certbot by running certbot certificates.

It’s also worth mentioning that new certificates don’t invalidate older certificates. Multiple certificates can coexist at the same time for the same name and they can all be valid simultaneously, regardless of whether one is more recent than another and regardless of whether they refer to different sets of names or to different public keys.

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