How to certify our GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting?

Thank you. That’s the conclusion I am drawing, because even though I can access the /etc/ area of the server, I can’t figure out how to set it up from there, and there is certainly nothing in their management interface for this.

It might still be possible by editing some web server configuration files (again, depending on what GoDaddy does and doesn’t permit you to do under your plan). Do you know what web server software you’re using and whether you have permission to edit the web server configs?

Setting up Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt on WordPress

Please explain in a step by step process about How to add Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate to Godaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting.

What worked for me was to SSH into the server and use to install and manage the SSL certificate. Works on bash shells and no root access needed and sets up a cron job to renew. This was in a WordPress installation btw. More info here: