How to back out of a bad certificate request

I mangled the config for acme-client. I forgot to add request for the .crt. When I rerun acme-client, I get a 400 error now. Will this go away with time?
domain {
alternative names { }
domain key “/etc/ssl/private/”
domain certificate “/etc/ssl/”
domain full chain certificate “/etc/ssl/”
sign with letsencrypt

Please fill out the fields below so we can help you better. Note: you must provide your domain name to get help. Domain names for issued certificates are all made public in Certificate Transparency logs (e.g., so withholding your domain name here does not increase secrecy, but only makes it harder for us to provide help.

My domain is:

I ran this command:
acme-client -vv
It produced this output:
It produced pages of output and a 400 error at the end
My web server is (include version):
The httpd included with OpenBSD 6.6
The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):
OpenBSD 6.6
My hosting provider, if applicable, is:
I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):
I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): No

The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you’re using Certbot):acme-client

Hi @jakeroberts

I don't know how that client works.

But you have created a certificate -

Issuer not before not after Domain names LE-Duplicate next LE
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-11-03 2020-02-01
1 entries duplicate nr. 1
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-04-13 2019-07-12
1 entries
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2018-08-26 2018-11-24
1 entries

And there is a

Server: OpenBSD httpd

http server. So only the installation is missing. http works, https is blocked. So learn unix and install the certificate.

Love the IRONY :slight_smile:

But he's still

I know Unix/Linux. I just don’t know web servers very well. Thanks.

I don’t know enough about acme-client to say for certain.
If in a hurry, I would backup the files
blow it away
start over
The cost of a new cert is far less than the time it would take to find a fix.

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