How to add DNS TXT record for domain verification

Hi All,

I was able to verify my domain using http-01 well. Now to verify using dns-01
i created txt values.

Those values are

TXT Record Name:
Value: D-52Wm4V7xoUpGax-F8FrPO45cQRcbRj-XoblaY4uYM

TXT Record Name:
Value: 6lOgCI0p_LRhtrJMh9aTYAek6hZ64nT75-DkeeQccfA

So i have to add two DNS TXT records?

First one with host as @ and TXT values as D-52Wm4V7xoUpGax-F8FrPO45cQRcbRj-XoblaY4uYM

and second one with host as @ and TXT values as ?

Let me know it’s correct or not?

hi @abdunnasir

Review this article: DNS Provider Not Allowing TXT Records to Be Submitted Correctly - LetsEncrypt Validation Doesn't Pass


Ok thanks. Still i have some confusions.

@# nslookup -q=TXT

Non-authoritative answer: text = "" text = "testv=gsadggasgdasdsad" text = “”

I have those values.

This is not correct?
Or I have to create sub domains and ?

These should look like this:

[quote] text = "6lOgCI0pLRhtrJMh9aTYAek6hZ64nT75-DkeeQccfA" text = "D-52Wm4V7xoUpGax-F8FrPO45cQRcbRj-XoblaY4uYM"[/quote]

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