How long X3/X4 intermediate will used?

How long X3/X4 intermediate will used?

  1. 2020/12/18 when identrust cross sign expires - 90 days (leaf cert lifetime)
  2. 2021/7/9 when ISRG signed intermediate expires -90 days

will there any period of x3 is used but cross sign is not vaild?

and X5 intermediate won’t be cross signed to anything, right?


According to Chain of Trust page, X4 will not be in use except there’s something wrong with the current X3 certificate, as it’s for disaster recovery purposes.
Currently, I (personal me) am not sure whether Let’s Encrypt will renew the cross-signed certificate after the IdenTrust crosssign expries… But from what we have now, there’ll be 203 days where X3 is valid but the cross-sign is expired.

Pinging @lestaff in case we need it.

Thank you

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