How do i use this on wordpress

How do i sign up for this all i have is wordpress and a hosting website what do i need to do???

If your site is hosted on your own server (VPS, dedicated, cloud), then it is easy to install it. If it is using a shared hosting platform, you may ping your webhost to start to support Letsencrypt. Where do you host?

If you check this thread about your host, they have a few characteristics which make it very difficult to get a certificate for them

I think you will need to use the DNS challenge - which is currently only supported by some of the alternate clients I know all the “bash” clients support the DNS challenge.

Once you’ve installed your certificate with the host and get that all worked out very likely you will run into a few issues with the Wordpress site including something called ’ insecure content’ which is basically links within the site to the http link, not https and this will cause you not to get the lock in the URL bar of browsers.

To fix it install the plugin REALLY SIMPLE SSL into your wordpress install. It will fix all the issues in moments. It has worked like a charm on all the wordpress domains I’ve installed LetsEncrypt certs on.

oh, and it’s a free plugin too.