How do I renew a 90 day cert with time left before expiration?


My domain is:

I got the email reminding me that the cert will expire in 10 days and I should renew. But it includes no link to renewal instructions, and I find no obvious instructions on the entire site and this forum (the forum posts seem to address only specific problems, or bots). The email does have a link to , but that page covers all matters related to obtaining a cert, automating renewal, etc., mentioning renewal only in passing. Even there, there is no link to instructions.

I have renewed only once before, but actually, I had waited too long, so it was actually a recovery and reinstallation of the existing certification. Sorry, I don’t remember how I even did that.

My web server is a shared-server Cpanel account at GoDaddy, and this is an add-on domain. (The account’s primary domain has its own GoDaddy cert. GoDaddy sells certs, so for obvious reason it doesn’t offer guidance re Let’s Encrypt.)

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): No (I think)

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): Cpanel. Or I have FTP access via FileZilla.

Can you provide a link to renewal instructions for this novice, hopefully step-by-step? I’m happy enough to renew it manually every 60-70 days. Installing and learning a bot, if that is even possible in my case, is surely more work than that.

Renew certificate without Cerbot

Hi @wadmin

if you have a cPanel, you should check if there is an option. Shared-hosting products are limited, so you can only use what your hoster offers.

There are a lot of tools, systems and configurations. So it’s impossible to know what you need.


Thanks. After creating this post, I discovered a similar one (had already searched, but…), so rather than be redundant, my further thoughts, findings and suggestions are here. I realize there are all kinds of hosting variations, but surely there is some common guidance for manual renewal… if only “there is no manual renewal process. Just install the same certificate using the same method you used to create it.” (That might be incorrect, but I hope you get my point.)

As for GoDaddy’s cPanel and CertBot, GoDaddy explicitly says they don’t support it. The above thread has a link to the procedure I will follow.


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