Does auto-renew renew the certificate without the click of a button once it's setup?


I found these instructions. I am very inexperienced, so I will need some clarification please.

  1. Do the steps in the hyperlink include setup for auto-renew?
  2. Does auto-renew require extra work from me when the cert expires after 90 days? If so, what?


Assuming you are on godaddy, and on shared hosting, using that method then no auto-renew will not work. You would have to repeat the process every 60-90 days.

Thanks serverco. Yes, I am using GoDaddy shared hosting. Why doesn’t GoDaddy allow this? What method can I use so that I don’t have to repeat the process every 60-90 days? I am very concerned about this. Please advise me.

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I think the only way currently to make it fully automatic is change from a godaddy shared hosting plan to one which supports Let’s Encrypt (of which there are many - see Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt )

Cheers serverco. I will check out that link. I spoke to GoDaddy and they shared the below URL with me. I don’t know much about it but will read on. Also, according to the other article you gave me, auto-renew should work with my version of cPanel. Can you please confirm this?


Yes, that’s a good link to the documentation for cPanel and AutoSSL

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