How do I prevent redirect to HTTPS after removing letsencrypt?

I attempted to install an SSL certificate for a site using LE.
The server is apache2.4

I ran in to too many issues, so I decided to remove the certbot client and go back to plain old http.

However, not that I’ve removed certbot and the certs, requests to my site are redirected to :443.
As a result the connection is refused. So the site currently doesn’t work.

In the current vhost config file, no redirects are defined.

So how do I figure out what is causing the redirect, and how do I stop it?

apache redirect remove

alternatively have a search on this forum as this has been discussed many times before

is it wordpress or php site?

go to db check wp_options table . check site url and home url .
Or if you are using any plugin for ssl ,uninstall it and check .htaccess if there is any change.
check .env or home page for hard coded urls that contains https

It was indeed related to database values in an application.

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