How to redirect to HTTP after removing the Letsencrypt

Hello friends,

I installed correctly a letsencrypt, but as my script had not supported for https://I removed a letsencrypt, but now the site is not doing the redirect to http://
I have many pages indexed on Google but when accessing as https://seems blank I want to do redirection to http://

Sorry about the English.

without knowing your web server it can be any number of ways

Not sure why you are asking for help without providing relevant details (such as web server, programming language, how you are doing redirects)

You need some kind of certificate and HTTPS working in order to redirect away from it.

I would suggest that you restore Let’s Encrypt to working order and then add a redirect rule from HTTPS to HTTP, e.g.

if ( $scheme = "https" ) {
    return 301$request_uri;

A similar redirect rule from HTTPS to HTTP might exist if you restore from backup. Make sure you remove or reverse it so you don’t end up in a redirect loop.

Ok thanks resolved added
return 301 https://$server _ name $ Request_uri;

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