How do I flag a topic?

I made a topic on here a while ago. The help I received was great, and I am very appreciative of it.

I have been reprimanded and scolded for sharing the website domain name and the issues, and I'd like to resolve this problem by deleting the topic. When I tried to delete the topic I've created, I was told I didn't have sufficient permissions to delete said topic, and that I must flag it for moderator attention to delete it.

I searched all over for any flag button, but I couldn't find it. If it exists, it is not apparent enough in the UI to me, but maybe I'm just a bad user.

I tried looking up the keyboard shortcuts, which give "!" as a shortcut for flagging a topic. I've been able to get other shortcuts to work, but not this one. I'm able to bookmark, change settings, and others, but not flag.

Can someone help me by flagging my previous topic (and this one) for deletion by moderators?


I've hide your previous thread and flagged it with your request.


Just to answer the original question, the "Flag" button is "hidden" (presumably to keep people from accidentally clicking it).

At the bottom of a post, look for the “…” next to “Reply” as shown here:

Once you click on the “…” it will reveal this:

The flag icon is what you are looking for. Click it and it will show you options as to “Why do you want to flag this?”

(The other icon is if you want to “Bookmark” a post.)



Wow, both my initial need and my question are answered. Thanks to both @tjluoma and @tdelmas!

This is what I see when logged-in as me:


(sorry, one embedded item per post)

But when I click the "..." icon I see:

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(last one)

There are no flags, but I do see the trash icon which tells me I should flag.

When I click on the trash icon, I'm presented with the response here:


You need to reach Trust Level 1 in order to flag posts. Assuming that the settings on this forum are the same as the defaults, then you need to read 30 posts to get there. Your profile says you've only read 14 posts so far, so once you read some more of the forum you should get promoted to that trust level and gain the ability to flag.

It is a bit odd, though, that you get a message saying to submit a flag when you don't yet have the ability to flag. That may be a Discourse bug (or misconfiguration)?


I confirm that odd behaviour (tested there: TEST message for flag/delete ) and I've raised the issue with discourse:


C'est magnifique!


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