Slowmode for New Members Who Keep Getting Flagged

I just poked in here just because, and saw some troll is spamming the forum. His posts keep getting flagged, but he's showing no signs of slowing down.

We need an automated way of checking this kind of behavior. Does 10 flagged posts and a markup for a warning sound like a good idea?


This post was a honeypot. I made no mention of your username, yet you chose to self-identify. Besides, your profile says you joined only an hour ago, and your community rank reflects that.

Thanks for the badge.


For the record, I thought the troll's reaction to this post was hilarious. He totally owned the fact that I called him out.

Seriously though, there should be an automated mechanism mute trolls who spam every which thread while protecting against a group of trolls abusing the flag post button to target someone/everyone.

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While we need a system for such thing, I think such would be better suited in as they make forum software


There are various plugins available for Discourse, and we will investigate some options.


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