How do I create a SSL for the host subdomain for whm


Hi Community,

Where do I find a list of let’s encrypt commands?

My server SSL needs renewed and Cpannel won’t let the subdomain host name to cpannel to renew the ssl because its being used else where.

I’m sure I could run a comand to fix it just not sure where to start.



In what way? On the same server as a cPanel account, or on another server?

It is explicitly a bad idea to use a server hostname that is also used on a cPanel account:

Do not choose a hostname that a cPanel account on your server will use.

If you do so, you are stuck with the consequences, including problems with issuing SSL certificates.


My server host name is thats setup in whm. When I go to cpanel for that domain I can’t add a SSL for the the subdomain

Error when triying to create the subdoamain in cpanel.
There was a problem creating the sub-domain:
Sorry you cannot create a subdomain with the same name as the hostname of this machine

Let’s encrypt doesn’t let me create an SSL for that inside cpanel.

How do I create the SSL for a hostname?



For this issue:
First it’s off-topic, you should contact cPanel support
Secondly, the server ssl TLS certificate configuration is located under whm panel
Your host name/cpanel session id/scripts2/manageservicecrts

Also, whm should assign you one year free positive certificate when you first install the server (panel)

Thank you



They did give me one and now its expired.



Can you try to run cpup script?

Because my server certificate renewed correctly…

Thank you


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