How can run certbot only for a test?

Hi Friends!
Probably a silly question:

I’ve made some relevant changes to some virtualhosts but not added domains, how I could test now if certbot will be able to carry out correctly the next renewal, without waiting for the next three months? :slight_smile:

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--dry-run flag does that.


It tests whether you can get certificates.

If you’re using the Apache or Nginx plugins to install certificates, it doesn’t test that aspect.

If you’re not, phew! --dry-run will do everything you need.

If you are, it’s trickier. You could force a real renewal with certbot renew --force-renewal, but it’s obviously a bad idea to do that frequently.


Perfect, this is exactly what i was looking for!

Obviously this command option is not stored and replicated in the next automatic renewal :wink:

Thanks @orangepizza and @mnordhoff :wink:

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