How can i remove certificates against my domain in docker

Hey i need to revoke all ssl certificates against my domain how can I do that as I have lost data from docker

Hmm, your title says "remove", but your post says "revoke".. Could you perhaps clarify which one it is exactly?

Also, if it's indeed revocation you wish, why do you wish it exactly? As there aren't many reasons why a cert needs to be revoked.

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Sorry my bad i want to revoke

And why would you want to revoke? As I said, there's usually not a reason for it. For example, if there has not been an incident where the private key was leaked and the private keys have been destroyed without any means of recovery, then revoking is not necessary.

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I have lost my docker permanent storage and when i apply to generate it says already have certificates against that domain so i want to revoke all certs

You mean you've hit a rate limit? In that case revoking is not helpful at all, as revoking has no effect on the rate limits, as clearly stated at Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

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