How can i generate SSL for my FTP

My first question

I have no domain for my FTP

I personally use it to upload my files to my remote server

So how can i generate SSL for my FTP?

Currently i am using letsencrypt on my below domains and they work great

And my second question

I redirect to

But i want to redirect to

How can i do that?

Thank you very much

FTP isn’t encrypted use SFTP instead.(your ssh account and password) and it doesn’t need a cert

what is the easiest way for this?

What ftp client you are using?
Mostly change ftp to sftp will be enough

I am using filezilla but i can use any

How do i change ftp to sftp?

Change ftp:// to sftp:// in link

i dont write link

i just write ip and administrator account credentials in filezilla

then type sftp://(whatever ip address) where you normally type ip address.

here the debug code

|Status:|Disconnected from server|
|Status:|Connecting to|
|Trace:|CSftpDeleteOpData::Send() in state 0|
|Trace:|Going to execute C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\fzsftp.exe|
|Response:|fzSftp started, protocol_version=8|
|Trace:|CSftpDeleteOpData::ParseResponse() in state 0|
|Trace:|CSftpDeleteOpData::Send() in state 3|
|Command:|open "" 22|
|Trace:|Connecting to port 22|
|Trace:|We claim version: SSH-2.0-FileZilla_3.39.0|
|Error:|Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity|
|Trace:|CSftpDeleteOpData::Reset(2114) in state 3|
|Error:|Could not connect to server|
|Status:|Waiting to retry...|

Use your SSH user/password, not ftp ones. I don’t think you would have ‘Administrator’ user in your server.
and it use port 22, not 21 - but I assume you already opened that port for ssh in firewall.
wait, it that server windows?

this is windows server 2012 r2

i didnt install any ssh

I think this guide will do the job for ftps. and a self signed certificate will work as you are the only one that use that server.

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