Home Assistant - DuckDNS - Too many certificates

My domain is: bohohome.duckdns.be

I’m learning Home Assistant, a platform for home automation.
I try to install the DuckDNS-addon (to reach Home Assistant from outside the local network).
A Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically generated during the install process.

Because I reinstalled Home Assistant several times, and reinstalled de DuckDNS addon several times, each time a new Let’s Encrypt certificate is generated, but the old ones aren’t destroyed.

I ran into the limit of certificates for a domain (didn’t know that it exists)
But how can I remove/delete these obsolete certificates?
I created a new DuckDNS domain, but that seems no good solution for the future.


The limit is a rate limit; it expires after a week. You don’t need to delete the certificates.

More information here:

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