Hitting 429/rate limit, not quite sure why


Hello community,

I am requesting a single certificate for multiple domains (there are 15 total - they’re basically ourplatform.clientswebsite.com so it’s not like they’re all from the same domain). Our app runs on Heroku, so I use a tool called sabayon which manages setting up the http-01 token/key pairs on a Heroku app automatically and then grabbing the certificate if/when all is good.

I have been able to issue and renew the certificate no problem several times now, but this last renewal is problematic. The cert expires on March 3rd, so I don’t have a lot of time to work with here.

Basically, I get a unique https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/authz/:token for 11 of the 15 domains as expected. If I look at any of the authz/:token in my browser I see that there are 3 challenges, one of each - tls-sni-01, http-01 and dns-01. They are all pending and do not go beyond that state.

My server does not get queried for the token/key pair.

So I guess I get a 429 after 11 of these? Could someone explain why? I was under the impression that I could request a 100 of these?


Hi @fiiv,

Could you share some detailed logs from the failures? It’s hard to diagnose without being able to see more information, in particular about the 429 responses.


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