Hiawatha's Let's Encrypt script supports ACME v2

The Let’s Encrypt script for the Hiawatha webserver now supports ACME v2. It can be downloaded here.

The order in which this script does the finalizing-of-the-order and the polling-of-the-status is not according to the RFC, but this way it works better. There seems to be a server-side issue that causes this.

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The issue has been solved. I will inform the Hiawatha webserver users so they can test it. I appreciate it if some can add this client to the ‘ACME v2 Compatible Clients’ list at the ‘ACME Client Implementations’ page.

@jsha could review it and add the client to the list.

If you want to test my script, you need a Hiawatha configuration file. You can use the following for testing purposes, to be placed in a file named ‘hiawatha.conf’:

VirtualHost {
  Hostname = <hostname to test>
  WebsiteRoot = <path to root of website>
  TLScertFile = <path to file containing private key and certificate, for renewal testing>

Update the HIAWATHA_CONFIG_DIR setting in letsencrypt.conf to the location of the hiawatha.conf file. Create a directory named ‘tls’ in the directory where hiawatha.conf is located.

Thanks for the info, @hiawatha! You can send us a PR to add it to the web site at https://github.com/letsencrypt/website.

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