Heroku domain is stuck at "DNS Verified" status

My domain is stuck at "DNS Verified" status in Heroku. It was all OK until I removed my heroku app located in US and created a new one with the location in EU. After that my domain is no longer verified for SSL certificate. Heroku support is referring to LetsEncrypt for such problems. Is it somekind of security blocking on Let's Encrypt side?

My domain is: www.jezyk-turecki.pl

My hosting provider: Heroku

My domain provider: Godaddy

Hi @Altu

sorry, that's wrong.

Your www domain uses Heroku, so you use the Heroku-integrated Letsencrypt client.


not a Letsencrypt error message, that's a message from that client.

So only Heroku can fix it.

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Thank you @JuergenAuer . I will reach out to them and let you know about the outcome.

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