Heroku Certificate failing


Hi! Im using Heroku to manage my website cert and it’s been failing all day. Domain is meowmeowfacts.com


Hi! :cat:

What URL are you using, what browser, and what error do you see when you access it?


I’ve tried contacting them, but they send me to Let’s Encrypt. Heroku manages certificates automatically through let’s encrypt and gives me this:

Automated Certificate Management has failed for the following domains:

| Domain | Reason | | :— | :— | | www.meowmeowfacts.com | |


Your site at https://www.meowmeowfacts.com/ is loading properly and has a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate that was issued today. So it’s not clear what the nature or consequence of the error message is.

I’m happy to help investigate the error, but we would need some kind of logs that give a more specific description of what went wrong in Heroku’s software.


weird! hmm okay, I’ll contact Heroku again and let them know there is a valid certification :slight_smile: Thanks!!


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