Help with limits subdomain for ISP


Do You know, how long does it takes unlocking limits per subdomain (I’m hosting provider and have over 3000 subdomains for customers). And I stuck now with limit 20 per week … :frowning2:

I filled:

How long could it takes …?


As the form states

We will do our best to consider your application in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee acceptance or any form of response, except that if your application is accepted and your rate limit is adjusted you will receive an email notifying you. We reserve the right to reject applications at our discretion, and we are not able to offer the ability to inquire about your application at this time. We hope to provide more transparency as this system evolves.

Applications for modification of the rate system is relatively new and the staff are evaluating its effectiveness. They very well may be selecting cases that will best test their implementation first so they can offer a stable system, and process, for others. As automation is a key component of their operational model, they will surely want to automate this process as well, and some use cases will better fit that development than others.

Since they “cannot guarantee acceptance,” if you need an operational system now, you might consider using paid certificates until they do grant your rate limit adjustment request.

If you have a large number of subdomains for different customers you may well also consider if the PSL is something you should be on. (I don’t know your setup, so can’t be certain, but you may want to prevent privacy-damaging “supercookies” utilised across your subdomains )

Do You mean paid certyficates of Let’s encrypt ? Is it possible to pay for no-limit access or something like that?

in subdomains case: when I set up new customers account I give him “technical” domain like: and so on.

So when I generate Let’s encrypt certyficates with Auto-SSL in cPanel I receive limits for subdomains becouse the first domain in certyficate is this subdomain.

I have no limits for generating certs whe I choose Comodo certyficates, but I would like to use Let’s encrypt than Comodo :slight_smile:


I have same situation: very many technical subdomains for customers. In our company we decide for doesn’t create certificates for technical domain and create certs for paid domain only.

It have second reason: fishers very often use free fast created technical domain for attacks and https it good for them (and bad for other peoples): not all software can handle/check https traffic and browsers show some green picture about https.

Are You using Auto-SSL from cPanel ? I would like to not generate ssl certs for technical domains (they have already my paid wildcard certyfikate), but I have don’t see possibility to exclude this technical domain in Auto-SSL from cPanel.


No, i don’t use cPanel and can’t help with cpanel specific.
But may be developer of cpanel can help to exclude technical domains from cert requests by regexp?

cPanel has “feature request” for this. So I can only wait …

I thought in WHM you could disable certain domains from AutoSSL …

I can disable “accounts” not “domains”.

when user has technical domain:
and he has addon domain and
then auto-SSL in cPanel generates one cert for: + +

but subdomains line I have many … but Let’s encrypt aloows generates only 20 per week …


OK, that makes sense I guess.

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