Help me! how to improve website loading speed?

website load speed: is slow, do I have to worry about some plugins? Or because of an error I tested but did not know the remedies.
Help me


GTmetrix have a tool that would help you diagnost your site.

According to the tool, your webserver might be slow, and you also need to do some cache work for your site.

Thank you

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Thank you! Wish you a happy and happy new day! is useful too.


How is your system doing on CPU and memory?

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Thank you all! I’m trying to fix it.

Website performance as shown. Well Ok right everyone.

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This result means you have a really horrible setup of WordPress… (Or you have a really limited hosting package)
(I removed the hosting provider part because they seem to be fine. LiteSpeed Web Server + cPanel, and other sites are on good condition)

If there are such options on your cPanel, try changing PHP version to 7.0 (or higher) and enable PHP-FPM…(This should help with the performance)

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