Help me How to Delete certificate

Hello, I'm a junior developer. I connected HTTPS and deleted it again. Because I want to use HTTP. I don't want to renew HTTPS again, I just want to use HTTP.
The problem is that although HTTPS was deleted from certbot, the http address continues to be redirected to https.
When does https release take effect? Is it 90 days? Is it the 7th?

It's entirely local to your browser.

Clearing your browser history/HSTS cache will fix this.


thk but i already delete my cache and history. but still https is alive!
how can i delete local history? i delete web history
sorry for not good english

What browser are you using?

What's your domain name?



it tell me in in browser develop console


This is a web development issue, not a certificate one.

Hint: in your HTML you will find:

<meta http-equiv=Content-Security-Policy content=upgrade-insecure-requests>

Are you a genius by any chance? I'll remember this answer until I die. Thank you, God

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