Apache redirect HTTP to HTTPS after disable .conf generated by certbot-auto



I generated a certificate for a vhost with certbot-auto and it doesn’t work.

After that I disabled (a2dissite) the vhostname-le-ssl.conf and re-enabled the old configuration and restarting apache, but apache keeps redirecting all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.

I’ve removed from sites-available but still redirecting.

I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried everything (certbot-auto rollback, rewrite my .conf and disable all other vhosts).


Are you certain apache is actually still doing the redirect, or could this be due to browser caching? HTTP 301 redirects are typically cached pretty aggressively.

curl -i http://example.com would be a quick way to test that.



Really aggressively! Its working after clean cache!

Thanks for the information!


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