Having troubles to renew my letsencrypt certificate

I’m trying to renew my certificate that I use for Homeassistant which run on my Raspberry Pi. Below some details. Running the following command I’m not getting what’s expected to renew the certificate. For your info I opened the port 80 from my router toward the Rasp Pi address based on the guide I’m following. I also closed it but doesn’t work as well.
I removed some required info you’re asking at the end because I don’t know how to answer (e.g. about webserver, hosting provider etc…). I removed also my mail for privacy. In case please ask via private message.
Can you please help me?

My domain is: myhome98

I ran this command: sudo ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --email mymail@gmail.com -d myhome98.duckdns.org

It produced this output (see the log file in using the following link): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K6p3MBpJnQNl09M9OYrufrCjRGdIKkQG/view?usp=sharing

Hi @Knot

Letsencrypt-auto is renamed to Certbot-Auto. So if you use letsencrypt-auto, you use a too old version.

So first step: Update to Certbot-Auto:

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Are you saying that there isn’t any more way to update the certificate manually? I’m following this guideline if you’d give a look to renew the certificate from line Rinnovo certificato ssl: (https://www.vincenzocaputo.com/picoblog/view/70/accedere_ad_home_assistant_in_modalita_sicura_con_duckdns_e_ssl_lets_encryptaggiornato_con_sensore_e_notifica_telegram)


I don't see which method is used. Standalone + this very old letsencrypt-auto -> sounds like tls-sni-01 - validation is used.

But tls-sni-01 validation isn't longer supported. And your configuration doesn't work.

Had a problem while installing Python packages.

Perhaps try it with the --no-bootstrap - option.

But I think: Too old letsencrypt-auto -> only tls-sni-01 is supported -> Letsencrypt doesn't support that -> that can't work.

I would say more likely that people using letsencrypt-auto are using documentation that’s too old. For compatibility reasons, we’ve continued to support the old name letsencrypt-auto and certbot-auto will still automatically update itself to the latest releaesd version when run under this name. But it is commonly a sign that people are using documentation that’s out-of-date.

This contains the error THESE PACKAGES DO NOT MATCH THE HASHES FROM THE REQUIREMENTS FILE, so please see this thread

@schoen Thanks that link helped me a lot to solve the issue. At the end I cancelled the file pip.conf following this post from @mauog Certbot-auto certificates fails while installing phyton packages with THESE PACKAGES DO NOT MATCH THE HASHES

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