Got a e-mail that my certificate will expire in 6 days but


Looks like they have it wrong I got a e-mail from saying my certificate will expire in 6 days but when I do this command:

ssl-cert-check -c /etc/letsencrypt/live/XXX.XXX/cert.pem

Host Status Expires Days

FILE:/etc/letsencrypt/live/XXX.XXX/cert.pem Valid May 28 2016 88

So 88 days not 6 how do they get it wrong or who is wrong?

-Raymond Day


You’ve got it right. Currently our system emails you about the old certificate, even after you’ve issued a new one. We’re working on making it better: Expiration Emails (Too Many, Unnecessary, etc.)


I would highley recommend to do a Cronjob to run a renewal like every week.

You can find a script over here:

Your cronjob should be something like:

30 2 * * 1 /usr/local/sbin/le-renew “DOMAIN” >> /var/log/letsencrypt-renewal.log