Going the DNS-route without _ prefix



I was trying to get LE working with the DNS challenge, however my ISP does not allow _ prefixed subdomains on the TLD I rented (it does generally not allow _'s in any subdomain name in the entire service).
I have read through an email chain about this and it was said it’s for security, but I don’t see any added security, just inconveniance.
I also do not really want to go for the web server way either.



This is only for a TXT record in the DNS not an A record or CNAME. Do they block an _ at the start of TXT records as well ?


Demand proper DNS service from your “ISP”. Underscores in DNS labels are perfectly normal, see http://ietf.org/rfc/rfc2782.txt

Underscores in hostnames are an entirely different thing. DNS is a superset of simple host naming. It can be used for much more.

Edit: Specifically, give them http://domainkeys.sourceforge.net/underscore.html as homework to fix their crappy service.


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