Getting emails about renewal but already renewed certificates

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My domain is:

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): Yes

So I got emails today about a few of my domains which have all been renewed.

I checked and it says that my SSL expires in 80 days (

But my email says

Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 19 days (on 09 Dec 19 13:13 +0000).

Thank you!

See the documentation about Expiration Emails. Especially this part:

If you’ve issued a new certificate that adds or removes a name relative to your old certificate, you will get expiration email about your old certificate.

On Sep 10th, you issued a certificate for just A day later on Sep 11th you noticed you were missing the base domain, so you issued a new certificate for as well as About a week ago you’ve renewed your certificate. To be more specific: you renewed your LAST certificate, containing as well as
However, the first certificate was never renewed.

Now back to the quote I mentioned above: Let’s Encrypt warns you you’ve never renewed the certificate for just If that’s OK, you can ignore the e-mails.


Osiris thank you for your reply.
It has been really informational and useful.
Just to be clear because I have renewed my certificates (p.s also got emails for two more certificates and which are also renewed) I don’t need to do anything more?

Thank you very much!

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The e-mail you received should contain a list of the hostnames in the certificate the e-mail was meant for. In the case of it would be kinda confusing, because I see you initially issued two certificates: one for and one for, both on the same day. Again, a day later, you saw it was better to generated a third certificate with both those hostnames in just one certificate. And you’ve successfully renewed that latter certificate on Nov. 10th.
The e-mail you got probably mentioned both the www and the ‘bare’ hostname. That’s because you got a certificate for both those hostnames. Those ‘single hostname’ certificates weren’t renewed. The e-mail unfortunately doesn’t tell you those hostnames were from the initial two (separate) certificates, which aren’t relevant any longer, as you have a well working certificate covering both hostnames.

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Yes I understand, it is kind of strange, but I understood your explanation atleast I am not scared that I will have errors in a few days because the certificates used on the websites are renewed and shouldn’t cause problems atleast I hope so.
I will not touch anything as my understanding is now right ?
All the best!

There’s no need to touch anything at this moment.

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