From Debian to Ubuntu LTS

Hi Friends,
I’m a very very tiny sysadmin (I spend the rest of my time cultivating the land :stuck_out_tongue: ) and for years I’ve installed only Debian, on which I can not say anything negative, indeed!
Anyway, migrating Debian every 3/4 years becomes more and more complex (perhaps my age)!
So I’m thinking to migrate to Ubuntu LTS, more than anything for the longer duration of the support of LTS releases.

In terms of usage, certbot/letsencrypt on Ubuntu is it the same that certbot/letsencrypt for Debian (in terms of security, I hope same than Debian)?
I’m talking about Debian Buster and Ubuntu 18.04 to be more precise :wink:

Many thanks!

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Usage? Yes. Certbot = certbot. But installation might be a different story. For the current Long Term Support version of Ubuntu (18.04.03), you’ll need to use the PPA. Currently, the PPA has certbot version 0.31 which is the same for Debian stable (buster), so no difference in security I assume.

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By the why, do not try to use apt trick to migrate between debian <-> ubuntu . You will end up with broken install

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Very well!
Relatively to PPA, do you suggest to enable stable PPA for all system or install only certbot from PPA?
Thanks for your nice explanation!

No, no, absolutely!!
I install all over a new one Linux box, Ubuntu LTS to be precise!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

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I’d say just for certbot. And perhaps other specific software. I don’t have any experience with Ubuntu nor PPA’s, so I’m not familiair with the option to enable “PPA for all system”. But I personally wouldn’t do such a thing.

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Well, thanks for your explanation! :wink:

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